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About Services Offered.

About Counselling Psychology:

Counselling Psychology is counselling that is rooted in psychological research. It is practised by Counsellors or Psychologists with a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology who have been trained practically and academically to tailor the most appropriate counselling model to you and your presenting issues. The training is of a high standard set down by the British Psychological Society.

About Cognitive-behaviour Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive-behaviour therapy looks at your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and how they interact in the development of a problem and the maintenance of an emotional disorder. CBT aims to give you skills to identify thoughts and attitudes that are influencing your feelings and behaviour. CBT is useful for anxiety disorders, depression and anger management.

About Work Coaching:

Work coaching explores your present situation looking at where you are and how to reach your goals. Sometimes people are prevented from achieving their work potential due to low self-esteem, limiting beliefs and anxiety. Work coaching helps you to increase your confidence to tackle work stress and also cope more effectively with redundancy.


Small group workshops are offered on a regular basis covering issues such as 'Life after Redundancy', Confidence Building, Assertiveness and Managing your Mood. For details of next course please e-mail or telephone.

  • Recent Testimonials:

    • ‘I am so grateful to you for helping me to recover some childhood memories which have helped me make sense of my present difficulties’

    • ‘I wouldn’t normally think of having therapy but it has been so helpful.  The breathing exercise and CBT tools have helped me not to fear my anxiety and now I am feeling better’

    • ‘I can recommend Maggie to you as a therapist.  I have never felt so understood and that has been so liberating enabling me to cope with my situation in a more positive way’

    • ‘I never thought I would have the courage to go abroad with my husband and be able to spend time on my own sightseeing while he was at work,  I know now I can do far more that I thought.’

    • ‘Having had coaching with Maggie to return to work I now understand my anxieties about returning to the workplace.  I now know that I can return to work and it will be a success’.

  • Areas of Specialisation

    • Anxiety disorders
    • Stress and burnout
    • Loss and bereavement
    • Depression
    • Adjustment issues including illness and disability
    • Trauma and PTSD